Eco Resort PuVida

The Eco Resort at PuVida is expected to be open for business by the end of 2016. What follows is an initial impression of the appearance of the resort, the available excursions and the costs involved.

The Eco Resort will possess a charm that makes people feel like they have arrived home. The experience of staying in a dwelling surrounded only by rivers, mountains and jungle, is one that will replenish and renew energy levels in the embrace of nature. The environment in which the Eco Resort is situated invites you to really savor the experience and completely relax. Surrounded by nature, we offer healthy food from our own gardens which we invite you to pluck and sample the wide diversity for yourself. Your body will be nourished by real food allowing all the cells to better renew themselves, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and re-energized.

During your stay you will have the opportunity to pluck, gather and harvest your own food from the food forest and vegetable gardens, providing an experience of how it is to live in a sustainable, self-sufficient manner. You will find your true self again in the Eco Resort, finding peace by going deeper, by contemplating. Your only obligation will be to come 'home' in a wonderfully tranquil way.

All holiday accommodation are fully equipped with modern facilities, including the provision of free WiFi and a UE Boom player to be able to peacefully enjoy your own music. And to ensure a good night's sleep, all houses will have king-size beds.

The prices below include taxes and cleaning charges.

Two person house without kitchen

These houses for two people, of which there are five, offer a superb stay in the resort. All are built using natural materials and have a bedroom with a shower and toilet. This comfortable house is very spacious even including a veranda where you can lazily swing in a hammock gazing at the Maya Mountains or indulging in a good book.

The conscious choice not to include a kitchen is designed for those who would rather treat themselves in the restaurant. For those wishing to cook the occasional meal, there is a communal kitchen where delicious meals can be created, including pizzas in the wood-fired oven. Any required ingredients can be gathered for free from the gardens or food forest, or bought in the on-site supermarket.

Price: US$75 per day


Two person house with kitchen
There are five of these holiday homes offering space for two people including a kitchen. They are all located in a quiet part of the resort providing a peaceful, relaxing experience. On the veranda you can observe the surroundings undisturbed, really enjoy the beautiful sunset, or read a good book in one of the lounge chairs. The possibility is there to pluck your own fruit and vegetables from the communal gardens and food forest, with a supermarket close by for everything else. And should you feel like treating yourself? Then simply head on over to the restaurant a stone's throw away.

Price: US$125 per day

Four person house
With two spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen, this house contains everything necessary for a great holiday with family or friends. There are seven of these houses, each featuring a large decked area at the front. From the hammocks strung between the supporting columns, the Maya Mountains can be seen. What more could you wish for? The houses are surrounded by nature and the gardens nearby are designed according to permaculture principles, full of fragrant flowers and banana plants. In the food forest you can find an abundance of different sorts of vegetables and fruit, from which you can prepare fresh meals for free.

Price: US$200 per day

Six person house
This is a real family house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. There are two six person houses featuring a living room, a long dining table and spacious main seating area. There is an additional dining table on the veranda and several seating areas throughout the house where you can take a moment to enjoy the space. For children this is a real place of discovery. The garden is especially designed using various flowers to attract butterflies which can be seen flitting from flower to flower around the house. All the ingredients necessary for healthy eating can be collected from the garden and the food forest, an activity children are bound to want to get involved in.

Price: US$250 per day

Communal kitchen with wood-fired pizza oven

There is a sociable kitchen where guests are able to cook communally or just hang out and relax. This is a place guests can get to know one another whilst waiting for their pizza. The nice thing about this spot is that you may find yourself eating the delicious creation of someone one day only to conjure up something yourself for them in return on the next. Every day you can gather fresh ingredients from the gardens and food forest.

The restaurant
In the restaurants masterchefs create the most delicious dishes with love. There are healthy meals offered here with which we can show how varied and nutritious food can be. A new รก la carte menu every few days and a daily buffet are on offer to our guests. The ingredients are freshly plucked every day from the vegetable garden and food forest.

Contained within the Eco Resort is a spa where you will be engulfed in natural fragrances. There is a sauna, hammam and steam cave. Under the waterfall you can shower off with fresh, cold springwater and you can cool off delightfully in a natural pool enclosed by bamboo. You can choose from different massages and beauty treatments. There are plenty of little corners in which to chill out or take a nap. Let yourself be spoiled and enjoy the fresh fruit juices and green smoothies.


Food forest
Covering some 61 hectares right next to the Eco Resort is the food forest. The food forest contains a large variety of vegetables, fruit, nuts, fungi and much more besides. All guests are welcome to gather their own food for free. In total there are over 150 fruit trees ensuring plenty of choice from a wide range of delicious fruit. There is also a wide diversity of flowers and bee hives located throughout. The whole village is a bee paradise in terms of nectar bearing flowers and has the added benefit of producing myriad scents for guests to encounter. This nectar and pollen is really beneficial when inhaled meaning a walk through the forest is actually a healing experience.

As a result of being able to gather your own produce from the food forest and vegetable gardens during your stay, you will directly experience how it is to live in a sustainable and self-sufficient way. Experienced gardeners work continuously in the forest who are only too happy to share their knowledge with anyone interested.

The food forest is the living heart of PuVida and from this heart everyone is invited to once again return to their inner being and fill themselves with real food. This allows guests to experience firsthand what real food tastes like and what it does to your body, but also what's possible in an area of 61 hectares. There are also three example plots of exactly one hectare each being designed completely differently. These allow guests and future residents to see and experience how large a hectare is and what options are possible. One hectare is large enough for one family to provide themselves with enough varied food. More than 300 different plants can be grown, but that is just the beginning as you will see in these three unique plots.



Horse riding
In the village we have 30 horses in the meadow and for those with the desire there is the possibility to go on fabulous rides in the surrounding area. You can ride along various paths directly through the rainforest or, for the real adventurers, you could take a trip up the river to the Maya Mountains and return over several days riding through the jungle. For those who aren't fans of riding we have small carriages pulled by the horses in which you can still experience exciting trips. There are various tour guides that will accompany you on the most beautiful trips who will tell you everything about the landscape as you go.



A wide river flows next to the village known as the Sibun. The source of the river is in the middle of the Maya Mountains and there is almost no human contact before it passes our site. The fresh river water is crystal clear. Trips are organized you can travel gently downstream and enjoy the surroundings. And for the daredevils among us, there is also the possibility to charter a helicopter to set you down in the middle of the jungle before making a journey of three days downstream. You will spend two nights in the jungle and get carried away by the current through ever-changing scenery.

Mountain biking
Five different mountain bike routes have been mapped in the area with a challenge for every level. The location is ideal for mountain biking and the rides are a great way of getting an impression of the area. Pedaling through nature, there are many tantalizing fragrances in the air. And if you want to be in the best condition for the ride, then the only place to be is PuVida. After a long trip you can recharge with delicious fresh juice.



Throughout the entire year PuVida wants to offer a wide range of courses and the resort is so designed that different courses can be conducted concurrently. We have a classroom, a yoga studio and a study garden. The objective is to gather knowledge from across the world in one place. We invite permaculture specialists to deliver the Permaculture Design Course. We have coaches who can assist in various aspects of personal development. The PuVida Awareness Center organizes consciousness weeks throughout the year. Different theme weeks are offered. For example, an ayurvedic cleansing week with three hours of massage a day, periods of meditation, ayurvedic meals and moments to relax, of course. Or a detox week in which you will be spoiled for the whole week with fresh fruit juices and green smoothies.