The total area is 716 hectares. Within this are three zones in which 250 residential plots are available to buy with a further 55 plots for semi-residential and rental use around the Eco Resort.

Enclosed by mountains and the river with nothing but natural beauty surrounding it, the location has a really varied appearance revealing a completely new play of light and natural color with every step.


 Welcome to PuVida

The drive to PuVida from the highway goes through almost 6 miles of magnificent surroundings. Mountains, streams, citrus trees – there is a lot of beauty to discover. What you don't realize as you are traveling in the direction of PuVida, is that behind you is a stunning view of the Maya Mountains. That is a nice surprise for the journey back!

Eco Resort

Eco Resort PuVida lies in the middle of nature creating a real experience for the guests that fills them with renewed energy. Every day fresh meals are served in the restaurant using produce from our own gardens. This area is around 104 acre in size and lies next to the food forest. Many large and small creeks flow thorough here helping to create the natural lake, in which you can take a dip to cool down on a warm day. Situated on the lakeside is the restaurant with a spa located on the far shore offering delightful saunas. The business area, where many small shops are to be found, is within walking distance of the resort.

Over the course of the year Eco Resort PuVida offers different courses on consciousness, and with various experts invited along to contribute their knowledge. The Awareness Center is be a center where consciousness is developed and where new ways of being in the world are demonstrated.




Next to the restaurant at PuVida lies a natural swimming pool. The restaurant caters for 60 people and is open all day. Master chefs prepare meals using produce from the village. It could not be any fresher, a fact that comes across in the flavor. The extensive vegetarian kitchen will give you a chance to get acquainted with tastes and aromas that will very likely surprise you. A splendid restaurant on the edge of the Eco Resort, in which the guests (and the residents) can dine out in style within walking distance.

Business area

Immediately upon entering PuVida the business area can be found located on the right hand side. Here you can find all kinds of small shops of various specialties as well as the workshops of the artisans. The business area is a thriving mixture of beautiful, healthy ideas and creative people. The area consists of around 17 acre sheltered between hills. A view of the Bald Mountain and a section of the Maya Mountains makes this a superb spot. The holiday homes are located around the business area making everything within a handy walking distance.


De Sibun rivier

The Sibun River runs across a large section of the land and flows all year long. The source of the river is in the middle of the Maya Mountains and, as a result of minimal human contact before reaching our site, the water is crystal clear. This splendid river offers refreshment but we also offer the chance to let the current carry you away in a canoe. This can be for a few hours or even for a few days, in which case you begin high in the Maya Mountains before paddling with the current down through the jungle.

Food forrest

The food forest is a beautiful area between two rivers and is therefore actually a large island of some 152 acre. Over hundreds of years, the river has deposited large quantities of material leaving an especially fertile soil. Furthermore, the fact that water flows continuously around the island all year long is a real bonus for the food forest. Our aim as a village is to provide enough food for ourselves with enough surplus to offer meals to the guests of the Eco Resort using our own ingredients. In addition we relish the thought that this area is an example that inspires people into creating their own food forest. It is well evidenced that small scale food production is extremely important and this food forest also serves as a research area. Knowledge and awareness are of great importance in this time in which we need to find answers to our food production problems. We hope to convey this knowledge through this food forest.



Lila Valley

The first of the valleys is located next to the Eco Resort and is surrounded by mountains both large and small, which make this a constantly changing environment. The Lila Valley is about 177 acre in size and can accommodate 72 families, each with their own access road. The idea is that everyone will convert their own hectare into a small oasis of diversity. This will be possible within a short time given the considerable fertility of the earth in this location. These hectares combined will form a diverse ecosystem.

Shiva Valley

This second valley is about 247 acre in size. It is surrounded on all sides by untouched jungle and mountains, which means there is shelter and gorgeous views wherever you are. In a similar way to Lila Valley, Shiva Valley offers accommodation to about 100 families. The soil here is also extremely fertile and, as a result of the surrounding mountains providing water to the valley floor, plants and trees find it very easy to grow. Just like the other valleys, Shiva Valley is grassland at the moment but if the residents plant at least 300 different trees and crops it will quickly become a rich ecosystem attracting many butterflies and bees.


Shiva Valley


Ten Creeks


Ten Creeks

The Ten Creeks area comprises many small and larger creeks as well as fresh springs. One source begins in a stream and flows to the center of the area. This is where we acquire our drinking water which is pumped up to the water towers located on top of the mountains. This area, which can accommodate 78 families, has some very old Ceiba trees which look like they are straight out of the Avatar movie given how large and imposing they are. In the Ten Creeks area you will also encounter many palm trees with fresh coconuts, they total more than 2,000 in number. Unlike the other two valleys, being located on the river means this valley only has mountains at the back. It is a wonderful area with several beauty spots that always appear completely different. At this moment there are 150 cattle grazing here but in time this area will also form a beautiful part of a complex of mini-ecosystems which all have one thing in common: diversity!


Met het PuVida dorp kopen we een terrein van 716 hectare en daarvan bestaat op dit moment nog 40% uit regenwoud en dat gaan we beschermen. Ons terrein ligt tussen drie prachtige reservaten in: de Five Blues Lake National Park, Blue Hole National Park en Sibun Forest Reserve. We willen de niet beschermde gebieden om ons heen kopen en beschermen, zodat straks alle beschermde gebieden met elkaar verbonden zijn. Ons terrein heeft nu 285 hectare regenwoud wat we beschermen maar dit willen we vergroten en daar hebben we jullie hulp voor nodig. Kijk op doneer voor meer informatie.