Our mission

The inhabitants of PuVida have a deep appreciation of a universe formed of an inhalation (taking) followed by an exhalation (giving). Nature works in this way, first taking something from the environment before being able to give something back. This constant movement creates a partnership that ensures that all life is in balance with each other. The form of our village will respect this natural balance. During the first in breath we get help from others to build the village, only to be able to breathe out and give something back to our neighborhood and beyond. This constant movement is the most important movement that can occur and through the application of this balance, we are able to grow unconditionally as individuals and as a community, in harmony with our environment.

Like a flower we spread our seeds all over the world. We support sustainable initiatives and work together with all who aspire a green future. PuVida isn't just a self-sufficient ecovillage. PuVida offers solutions to the problems that we see in the world today. Right now our future, the one we've created together, doesn't look all that rosy. But we envision a different future and will demonstrate this in practice. To demonstrate a different path we can choose that is so badly needed. With PuVida we are setting in motion a movement that will give the earth some breathing space. We want to create this life for ourselves but in so doing, also create a clear path for others to follow, so they too can head in this direction.