PuVida Living – our story

We're going to establish a village in Belize: PuVida, short for Pueblo de la Vida. This Spanish name describes our mission, to build a Village for Life.

Gone are the days when healthy living and organic products were the preserve of tree-huggers and hippies. More and more people are choosing a simpler life away from the city. A place where they can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature whilst growing their own food. Yet human contact is also important and new ways of living are best created with like-minded people. Our focus is on the creation of self-sufficient groups providing for their own needs and desires according to their own design.

Imagine a village in which every family, couple or individual gets at least 2.5 acre to work with. Each group managing their own piece of land exactly as they wish. Every resident working to their own design carefully planting a wide range of crops; flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs and trees. Altogether creating a great diversity of smallholdings. And each plot with its own house, built with the kind of love and attention to detail that results in an idyllic place to live for every dweller. In addition to their individual gardens, residents come together to create shared areas with common features including such things as holiday homes to rent or a restaurant. Every day surplus fresh vegetables and fruit are sold in the shop. This is the sort of village we are going to create in Belize.

PuVida offers an unique and life changing environment to live out your dreams in a healthy, clean and self-sufficient way. At PuVida we are offering an investment in you, your family and the environment.
A truly sustainable and off-grid village.

Why people choose PuVida

• 2,5 acre lots means you have your own privacy
• Living in nature, yet amenities and entertainment are close by
• Living off the grid: hydro and solar energy
• We have our own fresh water spring
• Building materials and furniture workshops are available on site
• Permaculture designers are there to help
• Business opportunities and jobs in the village
• Restaurant and bar with healthy food and drink options
• Craft shops
• We protect more than 700 acres of pristine jungle
• Accountability and preservation of nature for generations to come