The gardens

In PuVida people make once again contact with themselves and their surroundings, with both feet on the ground.

If a garden is well designed there is little to no maintenance necessary as everything is in balance. To reach this state you have to carefully consider exactly what it is that you want and whether this is possible with respect to the other plans you may have. Permaculture offers permanent solutions. A garden eco-system that is designed using permaculture principles will keep itself in balance. If this is taken into account from the beginning of the garden's creation, in the long term you can enjoy all aspects of the design without too much physical exertion.

A garden designed with a wide range of different plants and trees will not only yield a large quantity of food, but also various other products. One example is mature trees being used in the construction of houses and other buildings. Many products could be named all of which can be delivered by a well-thought-out garden. But most important is a plot's ability to provide food a continuous supply of varied, healthy food to all the residents thereon. Your garden as your own private supermarket. Food that lies there for the taking that is free, fresh and in abundance. And that abundance can be shared.

A seed contains within it the intelligence needed to become whatever plant from which it came. A cucumber seed becomes a cucumber plant and not a tomato. This we all know, but seeds can do a whole lot more than that. Seeds are also able to read the condition of your body and, through that, bring forth a fruit that has specific nutrients needed to maintain or recover a healthy state.

A seed reads this information in the following fashion:

'Every seed that's planted, contains an enormous quantity of cosmic information, far more than any data-carrying device designed by people. So a seed knows, to within a millisecond, when it must come back to life. It knows when it has to germinate, which liquids it needs to uptake out of the earth and how it can make use of the radiation from different cosmic bodies (the sun, the moon and the stars). It also knows what sort of crop it must become and which fruits it has to bear. The fruits are intended as food for people. They can, more effectively and powerfully than all existing and still to be developed medicines, help in the prevention and fight against illnesses of the human body. In order to do this, the plant needs to know what condition that particular body finds itself in and for which diseases that body is susceptible to. In other words, the plant needs to come into contact with the person concerned in order to pass on to the ripening fruits the right quantities of the necessary elements needed for the healing process.'

Before planting, take a few dry seeds (or just one), which haven't been moistened or soaked, and hold them in your mouth under the tongue for at least nine minutes. Then hold them between your palms for about half a minute while you stand barefoot on the seedbed. Subsequently, part your hands, bring them close to your mouth and breathe the air that's in your lungs over the seeds. Using the warm breath, transfer information into the tiny seeds about everything that's going on in the body. The next step is to hold the seeds in your open palms for half a minute so that they can make their acquaintance with the heavenly bodies. The seed can now determine the right moment to germinate. The stars will help in this process by providing the seeds with the necessary light. Now the sowing seed can be sown. Don't give water to the seed immediately as that would result in the information from the mouth's liquids and the hands to be washed away. The best thing to do is to give water only after three days. This sowing process must be carried out on days which are suitable according to the lunar calendar (which people have been making use of for centuries). When it comes to not giving water, seeds sown early do better than those sown late. Early sowing in ground that is still damp is the best. It is advisable not to pull up all the weeds that appear with the sown plant. Simply trimming the visible parts of the weeds back is better, as this prevents the roots of the sown plants from being damaged. In this manner, the seed will be able to absorb the maximum amount of information regarding the person in question. During the growing process the plant receives energy – from the earth and the cosmos – that is beneficial for that specific person. The weed shouldn't be destroyed as it's actually growing there for a reason. Some species protect the plants from diseases and others can provide additional information. Finally, during the plant's growth it is necessary to be close by regularly, making sure you touch the plant at least once during a full moon.

When eaten by the person who cared for them, these plants can completely heal a person of any sickness they may have. They can also delay the body's aging process, help people to get rid of bad habit patterns and addictions, significantly enhance mental function and bring abour an inner peace. These actions are at their most effective when the plants are consumed within three days of harvesting. It is advisable to work with this method with every type of crop that's sown in the vegetable garden. Although that doesn't mean every tomato or cucumber should be grown in this way but rather only a few plants from every sort of crop. Plants grown in this way won't only differ from other plants in terms of flavor, but chemical analysis shows that their composition is also different.

The following advice applies to the planting of cuttings, young trees, etc.: dig the hole in which the plant will be placed using bare hands or, at the very least, run your bare hands and feet through the earth in the hole. Then spit in the hole. The reason for this is that the sweat from your feet contains substances (probably toxic in nature) which your body excretes and can provide information regarding the condition of your body. The cuttings receive this information and pass it on to their fruits which can then begin to fight any ailments. With this in minds, it's advisable to walk barefoot in the vegetable garden now and then.