The houses

Around the world more and more sustainable villages and farms are getting off the ground. Within this phenomena we see different approaches. Some residents choose to build their village using modern materials and machinery, whilst others opt to do everything manually. The choice of materials and design can lead to buildings that possess an unprecedented beauty or are simply seen as being functional.Many people are busy reinventing and rediscovering ways of building which can only be a healthy development. At PuVida we opt to make use of the convenience provided by technological inventions that the modern world has created. This simplifies the way we work and, in our opinion, isn't at odds with a different way of life. Therefore all our modern tools don't have to be abandoned. This means that the structures in PuVida village can make use of all previously acquired knowledge. We want all choices relating to our structures, private and communal, to lead to buildings that possess an unprecedented beauty. Built from as much natural materials aas possible, which can be replaced naturally. And as these materials are found in abundance and it is quite possible to create solid, durable, magnificent buildings.