A true paradise for green, healthy and creative ambitions
PuVida is the place where entrepreneurs can establish a sustainable business. There will be a business area of 17 acre where shops can be set up selling fair honest products. In the village there will be a food forest of 61 hectares in which a diverse range of ingredients grow. Food products can be made from these ingredients before being sold in the shops.

If you are an entrepreneur with green ambitions who wants to work with fresh or sustainable products, then you should come to PuVida. We offer the possibility and the location. To get a feel for the village and an idea of what's available, we have outlined the possible crafts and businesses which might be possible.


Chocolatier and chocolate maker
The tastiest chocolate is passionately made here. When you enter this shop you enter the atmosphere of the film 'Chocolat'. Delicious hand-made bonbons and gateaux made using the cocoa beans from PuVida village. You can even taste that the owner plucks, dries and roasts the beans themselves!


Coffee house and coffee roaster
Fresh coffee is on offer using a wide diversity of coffee beans incorporating different methods of roasting. Mastery of top quality, organic coffee full of flavor. The coffee shrubs can be encountered throughout the village, particularly in the food forest. With us, the coffee is given the time it needs to grow allowing the cherries to become juicy yielding a coffee bean full of aroma and flavor.

Honey and related products
A honey shop with a wide assortment of honey products. There will also be beauty products produced from this organic honey. The village has trees with flowers and along the trails grow countless flowers. The beekeeper harvests the honey in the most bee-friendly way possible, with respect for the bee.

Juice, sauce, soup and jam production: The Sauce King!
Fresh juices, sustainable sauces and pickles. On the same day that they are picked, ingredients are processed into delicious tomato sauce and other sauces. Scrumptious jam from fresh strawberries and other fruits. Be surprised by the pickled gherkins, shallots and other vegetables. Whether it's mustard, chili sauce, saté sauce or just a tasty tomato sauce the King of Sauces is the only choice!

The spice trader
Vanilla, black pepper, chili pepper and cinnamon. They all grow here before being dried, ground and mixed into flavorful ready to use (curry) mixes, with recipe ideas supplied.




The tea house
Tea made with the tastiest ingredients is served before you. Flowers, herbs, leaves and roots; everything comes from the gardens surrounding the tea house. You can even pluck the ingredients for the tea yourself. Also, using the knowledge of the Mayas, the best leaves are selected for the preparation of powerful healing potions. The flavors and fragrances rising from the beautifully colored brews makes this a true tea experience.

Delicatessen: oil, nuts and (dried) fruits
The nuts and fruits from the various trees found in the village are sun-dried and roasted at this shop. Here you can find fresh dates or a delicious pesto made from sun-dried tomatoes. Various types of oil are sold here, often infused with herbs. There are already 2,000 coconut palms in the village which can yield large quantities of oil.



The beauty shop: soaps, scents and creams
Natural soaps made from, among other things, the coconut oil from the village mixed with aromatic herbs, leaves or citrus fruits. And as a finishing touch, the essences of a plethora of flowers. Essential oils drawn from the plants and flowers that are either planted in the village or grow naturally there. Here you will find all beauty and purification products that are fragrant and beneficial for both skin and the environment.


There are relatively few potteries in Belize resulting in a shortage of plates, bowls and cups. In setting up a ceramics business in Belize you have access to a potentially large market. With all the crafts that are practiced in the village, people will be heading to PuVida to acquire everything they need for the interior design of their homes.



Plant nursery

All the nutritious plants and trees that are found in the village will be grown in the nursery for the village itself but also for commercial sale. As a beginning, there are already more than 150 fruit trees and more can be added. Organic seeds are also available to buy here. More than 2,000 vegetable, flower, and herb seeds are already available with the intention being to increase this year on year. In addition to the nutritious seeds, fruit trees and plants there is also bamboo and hardwood for sale. You will also find all the plants and trees that grow in the jungle.

Permacultuur designer

The ambition of PuVida is to sell 250 plots to new village residents over the coming five years. This offers a permaculture designer an good opportunity to make the most of this market to help new residents in the design of their hectares. There are also many projects outside the village which will require the expertise of an experienced permaculturalist. To the best of our knowledge, Belize has only a handful of specialists and given the growth in the coming years that is too few.


Furniture maker

The village is equipped with a workshop in which there are machines for use in carpentry. A furniture maker has enough space in the village to begin a business in the village and can also make use of this equipment. Here you don't encounter the modern style we are used to in Europe. There is therefore a great demand for designers and carpenters who can bring the European style to Belize. There is a large and growing market for trendy furniture which will only grow in the coming years.

Green Energy Specialist

The PuVida village is completely 'off-the-grid' which means that we have large systems within the village with which to generate energy. In Belize there are currently businesses operating in this field and it is with these that we are initially working with. However, in the future there will be a need to maintain these systems and there will be a continuing demand for other systems around the village. Throughout Belize there will be huge growth in this area in the coming years. This creates a promising opportunity to begin a business in our 'off-the-grid' village. What's more, our village is currently in the construction phase which means a high demand for professional electricians which you do not often find in Belize. In short, for an experienced electrician with knowledge of 'off-the-grid' there is a very rosy future.